Thank you for taking the time to visit the Spirited Network website and to find out more about our mission. It has been fantastic to see the wonderful response we have received from across the world, and truly inspiring to work alongside such a motivated and talented team of amazing volunteers. We were born out of a desire to make a positive contribution to the lives of others and support those on the frontline during these unprecedented and difficult times of crisis. We see this as our “what did you do during the war?” moment.The Spirited Network is the culmination of a huge amount of hard work, courage and determination shown by all of our volunteers. This would not have been possible without their tireless efforts and it has been an immense honour and privilege to work alongside each and every one of them. We are all committed to ensuring that the legacy of the pandemic will not be defined by what we have lost but instead on our response to it and how we rose to the challenge to overcome adversity. These times call for a response in the spirit of the only universal currency and language there is: kindness and I have written more about why such a reaction is important HERE. I was first inspired to build this platform a few weeks ago when my grandmother had a fall and fractured her wrist when she tried to walk outside to the front of her home just for a few minutes of fresh air after several weeks of staying indoors. My family and I made sure that my grandparents were looked after, had everything they needed and stayed inside but I recognised that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a support system in place of friends and family. The spirit of community engagement and volunteering we have seen during this crisis has been remarkable and the Spirited Network has been designed to coordinate and best channel the inspiring but ad hoc and localised efforts conducted by millions around the world so that nobody is left behind or forgotten. With family members working as doctors in UK and US hospitals, I have heard first hand about the conditions they face daily and wanted to build a platform that would ensure that those on the frontline are supported by as many others as possible so that lives can be saved and this crisis can be overcome. As we move forward and look to recovery, there is the chance to make important reforms and rebuild for a better, more inclusive, more sustainable, fairer, healthier, peaceful and prosperous future for all. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to improve the lifetimes of so many. Her Majesty The Queen’s moving rallying call and heartening hope that “in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge” encouraged me to build upon this vision and I am delighted that we have successfully created a solution to help make kindness contagious, support viral and to spread compassion. We have identified and chosen several key areas as a network of efforts to focus on where we feel there is most need for volunteers and members of the public to contribute and where they can make the most significant impact. It is our firm belief that every individual around the world has a role to play, a story to share, the power to take action and ultimately the ability to effect change. I very much hope that you will be able to join us on our mission so that together we can help tackle this crisis and show the very best of humanity.

Abbas Kazmi & Mariam Kazmi

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We are a diverse, mission-driven, action-oriented team of over 100 so far who all work on a voluntary basis and are from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds, hailing from over 40 different countries. Cross generational, we have all been brought together by a shared determination to make a positive difference to the lives of others and do our part rather than sit idly by during the most significant crisis in recent times. In this spirit, we built this platform as a response from leading members of communities such as Forbes 30 Under 30, World Economic Forum Global Shapers, ICE (International Conclave of Entrepreneurs), Founders Forum, several United Nations bodies, The Oxford Guild, the Collegium Global Network and the organisations from the top universities it encompasses including Oxbridge, the Russell Group and Ivy League, as well as other pioneers in the medical/healthcare and charitable sectors and the worlds of technology, investment and business to name a few. Brought together by Abbas Kazmi, who has written HERE about why what we are doing is important as well as about his personal inspiration above, our leadership team has very successfully worked together before in building several other large scale organisations and projects including The Oxford Guild. We are leveraging a huge wealth of combined experience to ensure that together we can help tackle this crisis, by supporting the most vulnerable and ensuring nobody is left behind or forgotten, making people’s days and offering a shining light in a time of darkness, and aiding those on the frontline, all in order to save lives and improve conditions in these difficult times.

Want to get involved and support our mission?

Want to get involved and support our mission? We would love to hear from highly motivated, talented and empathetic people from all backgrounds and experiences! Whether it is joining the leadership or different country teams, helping with graphic design, assisting with developing the frontend and backend technology, doing research to build up our databases, helping our social media channels, assisting with engagement with other organisations as well as the media, joining one of the project teams including around thanking heroes, advocacy or sourcing and fundraising for masks, life saving medical devices and other personal protective equipment, there is something for everyone! There is lots of scope for you to make a positive impact and get involved with our current initiatives or coming up with new ones. We recognise the importance of diversity and always seek people from all walks of life. Our people are the heart and soul of our network of efforts and not only help us to deliver on our mission but also support, enable and accelerate each other so we can all unlock and reach our full potential. Wherever you are in the world, the main thing we are after is passionate people who are willing to offer their time and skills to make a difference. If you find that our missions and values resonate with you and align with yours, please get in touch.

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